domenica 19 febbraio 2012


...what?? I don't think so, I totally agree with "the more the merrier"
'cause I suppose that the eye needs to be catched by lots of details, shapes, things....I really like
minimal stuff but I know that's not my kinda style when I draw something...
so just as an example here's my Sunday Morning tee design (yeah Sunday Morning, I've made it listening to Mr Lou Reed...)
hope you guys like it, see ya!

"Buddah Elephunk"
by Giulio Rossi

venerdì 17 febbraio 2012


I know most of the people think and say that digital art is something less satisfying than the traditional one....actually I don't really think so, not at all!!!If you draw something digital, I mean if you start from a blank page, every single thing you put on it it's something truly yours, it tells about your style and your my personal view I find them so similar that I don't see any emotional difference ...hmmm there's at least one so cool, you can erase and re-drawn whenever you want, with no doubting about the "paper resistence"!! :)

enjoy this digital piece
I named it "Rouge" 'cause I've just used "Red" for another one...hope you guys like it, see you soon here:

sabato 11 febbraio 2012


...come out from other artistic discipline!
One of my fav source of inspiration is definitely the Movie's World, so that's why I decided to participate this italians movies review's contest, based on the newly cult movie "Drive".
Drew my illustration, send it & what a great honour I WON!!!
Now it's going to be released both on their website and even offline, that's rad! Can't wait to see it printed!

here's the link:

digital painting
by Giulio Rossi

mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012


Hope you guys like it, 'cause I like it a lot, it makes me say "That's rad!", that's why I named it so..:)

"That's rad!"
digital painting
by Giulio Rossi

find it in my fb album at:

martedì 7 febbraio 2012


yeah I named it "Cool!" 'cause I think it is, and if you don't think it's cool..who cares? It's "Cool" no matter what u say, so stay cool, yo.

digital painting
by Giulio Rossi

lunedì 6 febbraio 2012


So I received a job offer from a poster selling website, that's cool 'cause they gave me free choice on the subjects, I decided to create a serie of 3 (maybe more!) sexy-rock'n'roll-piercing-cool-punkhead-kinda-style chicks, and this is my first one, I named it "Wow" just for my ego satisfaction, so even if you don't like it you are forced to call it and say "woooow" "that poster, you know...Wow"...;) ahahah

Can't wait to start drawing the next one, you know today is snowing again here, I can't get out, no place to go which means I gotta draw and draw all day long!!!

a presto
Giulio Rossi "Giro"

domenica 5 febbraio 2012


...I posted something on this blog!!!
too many things happened, I finally started working as a illustrator and even I've been paid for that, pretty cool hum? The idea of posting something here, came to one of my friend first attempt to bloggin adventures, so I felt pushed to do it again...

I won't talk you about my past works since october 2010...I'll face the future and post my new stuff here.

first of all I'd like to share with you my latest illustration for an argentinian contest named
 "The Wonderful Country of Fixionaria" (here's the link:
and here's my proposal:

 hope you like it guys!!

a presto ciaooo
Giulio Rossi "GIRO"